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France Short Introduction for Travelers

France Short Introduction for Travelers

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CurrencyEuro (€)
CFP Franc (XPF) (Pacific overseas territories)
water: 3,374km²
land: 640,427km²
Population63,929,000 in metropolitan France
66,616,416 in all France (2014 estimates)
recognized locally: Alsatian, Catalan, Corsican, Breton, Gallo, Occitan, some languages of New Caledonia
Religion45% Christian, 3% Muslim, 1% Jewish, 1% Buddhist, 6% other religion, 44% none or not stated
Electricity220-230V, 50Hz. Outlets: CEE7/5 (protruding male earth pin), accepting CEE 7/5 (Grounded), CEE 7/7 (Grounded) or CEE 7/16 (non-grounded) plugs
Country code33
Time ZoneUTC +1

Best 5 Places To Visit in France

1 Musée du Louvre LOUVRE & LES HALLES
2 Cathédrale Notre Dame CHARTRES
3 Château de Chenonceau TOURAINE
4 Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris THE ISLANDS
5 Jardin du Luxembourg ST-GERMAIN & LES INVALIDES

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