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Find out what is the best time to go an African safari and know its benefits

Find out what is the best time to go an African safari and know its benefits

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Undoubtedly, each zone has its charm according to the season, since there are migrations or many variations in vegetation, which allow the hiker to enjoy events that occur once a year and in specific seasons.

That is why, to enjoy an African safari, in which you can see all the different stages in the life of the animals, you should choose the season of the year very well. There are dry and rainy seasons.

The months of July to October correspond to the period of rain, which leaves in its wake a spectacular landscape and changes in wildlife since the offspring of several species are born and the vegetation provides them with food.

This season, coinciding with work and school holidays, is the one with the highest influx of tourists. It is considered as the period of most visits by tourists, eager to observe the beauty of nature in its entire splendor.

One of the advantages of an African safari at this time of year is that you can see in Kenya a lot of lions, black rhinos, cheetahs reaching the Masai Mara Reserve, on the border with Tanzania.

In this country, the green season is from October to November and the movement towards the fields begins looking for rain, a sight worth observing in this region of the Serengeti surrounded by lions, buffaloes, rhinos, elephants, and leopards.

With the arrival of the green season, vegetation begins to green again, which gives the landscape nuances of colors, which enhance with sunlight. It also constitutes food for many species of herbivores that are supplied, to save energy for the dry season.

For a good African safari, it is extremely important to witness the birth of a new baby. This time of year is when more births occur since there is abundant sustenance for females and small ones.

Actually, this station is the most productive and full of life of the entire period. The rains bring with it the flowering of the vegetation and the concentrations of animals. Birds that look for warmer places also migrate in this period.

One of the advantages of doing an African safari in the green season is that you can enjoy events that only happen at this stage, endless birds, mammals, herbivores coexisting in the same environment with a wonderful landscape.

Do not think twice and make the best African safari you can imagine. We recommend that you choose the months of July to October. You will not regret.

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