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Festivals of Russia in 2018

Festivals of Russia in 2018

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What is the best way to unite people today, in such a crazy time? The answer is quite simple. Nothing unites people more than holidays, concerts and festivals. The number of such events held in Russia is huge; they are festivals in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as numerous festivals in the regions. These are musical, gastronomic, theatrical, literary, sport and film festivals, and many-many others. This article is about the most popular festivals are held in Russia in 2018:

1.”Journey to Christmas» – 22-December-2017 – 08-January-2018
2.Maslenitsa – 12-18-February-2018
3.”Proryv-2018″ – 31-March-2018
4.Festival of classical ballet named after Nuriyev – 14-28-May-2018
5.The opening of fountains in Peterhof – 20-May-2018
6.Day of adoption of Islam by the Volga Bulgaria – 21-May-2018
7.2018 FIFA World Cup – 14-June – 15-July-2018
8.Moscow film festival – 22-29-June-2018
9.Aeronautics festival “Heavenly fair of the Urals” – 30-June – 07-July-2018
10. International aviation and space salon MAKS – 18-23-July-2018
11. The international festival Archstoyanie – 26-27-July-2018
12. Music festival MaxiDrom – June -2018
13. Rock festival “Invasion” – August-2018
14. Festival of young wine “Don vine” – 30-September-2018
15. Wine festival “Novemberfest” – 04-06-November-2018
  1. “Journey to Christmas» – 22-December-2017 – 08-January-2018

From 22 December to 8 January, Moscow hosted the annual winter festival “Journey to Christmas”. Traditionally for Muscovites and guests of the capital a rich cultural and entertainment program has been presented, consisting of numerous shows, theatrical performances in the open air, exciting workshops, unusual art objects, fairs, exhibitions, traditional fun, carousels, ice slides and many other equally interesting and exciting new year events!

 2. Maslenitsa – 12-18-February-2018

Historically, the Russian Pancake week — the most violent, most cheerful, the most widespread holiday of the year. Slavic carnival celebrated not only Russians but also poles, Czechs, Slovenes, Serbs, Bulgarians and other peoples. The meaning of carnival was to awaken the forces of nature and bring spring closer. But, of course, in Russia Maslenitsa has acquired a special scale: it was the last week before the Great lent, the week, when everyone thought it his duty to eat, drink and have fun almost a year in advance.

The main treat is, of course, primarily pancakes with butter, symbolizing the sun and a full life in abundance. This week they bake an incredible variety of different types of flour, stuffed, with porridge, thin pancakes with sweet additives and hearty, fluffy pancakes. Other oil meals — cheese (curd), potato patties, different types of casseroles.

Another symbol of the carnival is the hot honey drink with spices. Honey cakes, nuts and candies are put to kids. All this can be enjoyed at the festivities that take place in every Russian city squares and parks. Today, Maslenitsa in Russia is almost necessarily combined with a fair where you can buy all the most delicious: honey, salted fish, caviar, butter, ghee, sour cream.

3. “Proryv-2018” – 31-March-2018

This year the international festival of extreme sports “Proryv-2018” will be held for the 11th time in the Olympic stadium in Moscow. By tradition, the show will gather on its site the world stars of extreme sports and the most famous riders. Spectators will witness breathtaking flights of virtuoso jumps and death-defying stunts.

4. Festival of classical ballet named after Nuriyev – 14-28-May-2018

Festival of ballet named after Rudolf Nuriev in Kazan one of the oldest and largest of its kind in Russia. The festival was first held in 1987.

5. The opening of fountains in Peterhof – 20-May-2018

There are about 147 fountains and many cascading ponds in Peterhof. After the Grand opening ceremony, dances and fireworks, you can stroll through the Park and enjoy a variety of exquisite architectural and water compositions that have been observed for centuries by Russian monarchs. Traditionally, it is the romantic period of White nights, and the high season begins to visit St. Petersburg.

6. Day of adoption of Islam by the Volga Bulgaria – 21-May-2018

Islam in Volga Bulgaria was adopted in 922. However, on the territory of Tatarstan, this festival began to record only in 2010 and since then, it is considered one of the most important in the country. The main festive events are held in the city of Bolgar, where Islam was accepted. Believers participate in the solemn midday prayer. They put tents in Bolgar, cook pilaf and other treats and communicate with each other. The obligatory part of the program is performances of officials, the opening of new cultural facilities, fairs and sales, and the evening ends with a big festive concert.

7. 2018 FIFA World Cup – 14-June – 15-July-2018

The World Cup is one of the main sporting events along with the Olympic Games. In 2018 for the first time in the history of this championship, this large-scale tournament under the auspices of FIFA will be held in Russia. The championship is planned to be held at 12 stadiums in 11 cities of Russia: Moscow, Sochi, Volgograd, Rostov-on-don, Kazan, Saransk, Saint-Petersburg, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Ekaterinburg, Kaliningrad.

8. Moscow film festival – 22-29-June-2018

This is the second oldest film review of the planet after the Venetian. Moscow film festival is one of the most loved by cinephiles, tourists and residents of the capital events of the summer. The history of the Moscow film festival began in 1935. Since 1997, the Moscow film festival has been held annually at the end of June. Screenings of the Moscow film festival take place in cinemas in the city center which are all located within the Garden ring and is conveniently located near the metro stations.

9. Aeronautics festival “Heavenly fair of the Urals” – 30-June – 07-July-2018

The largest in the country festival of Aeronautics ” Heavenly fair of the Urals” takes place in the old Ural town of Kungur. For a few days, this quiet place becomes the center of attraction for aeronauts, aviation enthusiasts and tourists. “Heavenly fair” usually plays out some topic related to the history and culture of the Perm region. For example, in 2016, it was a Great tea road that went right through Kungur.

10. International aviation and space salon MAKS – 18-23-July-2018

MAKS is one of the most prominent air forums in the world, despite the fact that it is dedicated primarily to domestic aircraft. The official patron of MAKS is the President of the Russian Federation. After the official business program of the salon MAKS is open to the public, and then it gets more interesting. In the last three days of the salon thousands of spectators come to see the performances of our favorite “Swifts” and “Knights” and their foreign colleagues.

11. The international festival Archstoyanie – 26-27-July-2018

Archstoyanie is an international festival held annually in Nikola-Lenivets Park in Dzerzhinsk district of Kaluga region. This is an unusual place every summer attracts hundreds of tourists from all corners of Russia. Nikola-Lenivets is not just a picturesque Park. It is an open-air gallery where artists and artists create and exhibit their works.

12. Music festival MaxiDrom – June -2018

MAXIDROM is an annual international music festival organized by radio “Maximum”. The main question of all fans of the festival life of the country whether the festival will take place in 2018 MaxiDrom. Last MaxiDrom took place two years ago. Then at the festival RAMMSTEIN, Editors, IAMX and Crazy Town performed. MaxiDrom took place at the stadium “Open arena” in Moscow.

13. Rock festival “Invasion” – August-2018

“Invasion 2018” is the main Russian rock festival, which will bring together the best bands and will allow fans to hear their favorite heavy music. Over the past few years, the event has traditionally been held near the village of Bolshoye Zavidovo (Tver region). Last year, despite heavy rains, it gathered 400 thousand spectators.

14. Festival of young wine “Don vine” – 30-September-2018

The annual ethnographic festival held on the last Saturday of September in the farm Pukhlyakovsky Rostov region. During the celebration, you can taste a variety of drinks, buy products Rostov artisans.

15. Wine festival “Novemberfest” – 04-06-November-2018

It is a festival of young wine and gastronomy in Crimea. For the first time it was held during the November holidays in 2017 in Yalta and Sevastopol, and the organizers are confident that it has every chance to become an annual event.

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