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Festivals in India

Festivals in India

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Indians Celebrate Festivals In Every Month Of Year

In India, Festivals are celebrated every month of a year. India is also called Country of festivals. Mainly there are different festivals in each region of India. But we are going to tell you about the festivals those are celebrated in whole India or in more than one regions and popular not only in India but also globally. Here are the upcoming Festivals of India in the year 2018.

  1.             NEW YEAR – 01-January-2018

New Year in India is also celebrated on 1st January of every year, but in India, This New Year is called English New Year. Because in India people of different regions celebrate the new year on different dates according to their own culture. Like In Punjab state, people believe that their new year starts from 14th April. Which is another festival called Baisakhi.

  1.             LOHRI – 13-JANUARY-2018

Lohri is a popular festival celebrated by people of Punjab State. Lohri festival is about dancing and singing around the fire all night. In modern days, kids also added Flying kites on the day of Lohri. It is celebrated in the North Indian States.

  1.           PONGAL14-JANUARY-2018 to 17-JANUARY-2018

Pongal is a festival of Hindu religion. It is commonly celebrated in South Indian state Tamil Nadu. Pongal is a four days festival and the most important day of Pongal is known as Thai Pongal. Thai Pongal is the second day of the four days festival, is also celebrated as Sakranti.

  1.           VASANT – 22-JANUARY-2018

VASANT is dedicated to the Goddess Saraswati the Goddess of knowledge, music, arts, science and technology. Goddess Saraswati is worshipped on Vasant. It is a Hindu Festival, Mostly celebrated in North India.

  1.           REPUBLIC DAY – 26-JANUARY-2018

It is the day on which the constitution of India was Enforced in 1950.

  1.           MAHA SHIVRATRI 13-FEBRUARY-2018

Maha Shivratri is the birthday of Lord Shiv of Hindu Religion. This festival is celebrated in all India by people concerned with Hindu Religion.

  1.           HOLI – 02-MARCH-2018

Holi is the festival of Colors. On Holi, people throw colors on each other and give wishes to everyone by saying a Hindi language sentence “Bura na Mano Holi hai”, Which means in English, “Don’t mind, today is Holi, Just enjoy with us”.

  1.           RAM NAVMI – 25-MARCH-2018

Ram Navmi is the birthday of Lord Rama in Hindu religion. Lord Rama was King of Ayodhya. People celebrate the birth of Lord Rama on this day.

  1.           GOOD FRIDAY – 30-MARCH-2018

As Christians in the whole world celebrate Friday before Easter Sunday as Good Friday, Christians in India also celebrate Good Friday similarly.

  1.           BAISAKHI – 13-APRIL-2018

This is the festival of Harvesting. In North India, Farmers Harvest the crops in the days near the Baisakhi. People celebrate this festival as new crops come to market. Also, the people of Punjab state celebrate Baisakhi as their New Year.

  1.           HANUMAN JAYANTI – 10-MAY-2018

It is the birthday of Lord Hanuman in Hindu Religion. Lord Hanuman was a great devotee of Lord Rama. His birthday is celebrated as Hanuman Jayanti every year.

  1.           EID-AL-FITR – 15-JUNE-2018

As the end of Islamic Holy month of fasting, Muslims celebrate Eid-al-Fitr. Muslims celebrate this festival Worldwide and the Muslims of India also follow this.

  1.           KABIR JAYANTI – 28-JUNE-2018

Kabir Jayanti is birthday of Saint Kabir das.

  1.           JAGANATH RATHYATRA – 14-JULY-2018

In south Indian city called Puri, A temple named Jaganath Temple is situated. Here Lord Jaganath is worshipped. Every Year A Huge “Yatra”, which means a Rally type function, is organized in the city. This Rally goes on city’s roads. This Rally is called Jaganath Rathyatra.

  1.           INDEPENDENCE DAY 15-AUGUST-2018

 This is the day when India became Independence from British Rule.

  1.           TULSI DAS JAYANTI – 17-AUGUST-2018

  This Festival is celebrated as the birthday of Great Saint Tulsi Das.

  1.           EID-AL-ADHA – 22-AUGUST-2018

 This Festival marks the event of Islamic History when Abraham follows God’s command to sacrifice his son. All Muslims in the world celebrate this festival, also Indian Muslims.

  1.           BAKRID – 22-AUGUST-2018

 This is an Islamic festival, in which Muslims sacrifice their domestic animals.

  1.           RAKHI – 26-AUGUST-2018

 This is a Hindu festival of Brothers and Sisters. On the day of Rakhi, Sisters put a traditional band (Rakhi) on their brother’s Wrist. This festival shows the love of brother and a sister.

  1.           JANAMASHTMI – 02-SEPTEMBER-2018

 This Festival is celebrated as Lord Krishna’s Birthday.

  1.           TEACHERS DAY – 05-SEPTEMBER-2018

 The former President of India, Late Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was a teacher by profession. His birthday on September 5 is celebrated as National Teachers Day in India.

  1.     ISLAMIC NEW YEAR – 11 TO 12-SEPTEMBER-2018

 This is New Year for Muslims. Muslims celebrate the first day of Muharram as their New Year.


 This is the festival of Lord Ganesh of Hindu Religion. In this Hindu people bring a statue of Lord Ganesh in their house on the first day and they worship Lord Ganesh’s statue every day during the festival. On the last day, the statue is immersed in nearby river or pounds.

  1.           GANDHI JAYANTI – 02-OCTOBER-2018

This is the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi is called Father of Nation in India. On Gandhi Jayanti people pay tribute to him.


  1.           NAVRATRA –  10 TO 18-OCTOBER-2018

This is a festival of 9 days. In this festival, a different Hindu Goddess is worshipped every day.


  1.           MAHA NAVMI – 17-OCTOBER-2018

This Festival is one day before the last day of Navratra. This is Day of worshipping Goddess Durga.


  1.           DUSSEHRA – 19-OCTOBER-2018

 This is a festival mostly known as a victory for Truth over Lie. In Holy Book Ramayana, Lord Rama Kills Devil Ravana. This day marks Ravan’s Funeral. Every Year on the day of Dussehra the Idols of Ravan is fired off.

  1.           KARWACHOUTH – 27-OCTOBER-2018

 This is a one day fast festival for married couples. Wives on the day of Karwachouth, Keep fast for the long life of their husbands.

  1.           DIWALI – 07-NOVEMBER-2018

 This is a festival, which marks the celebration of Lord Rama’s return to his State Ayodhya after spending 14 years in exile. People of Ayodhya celebrated their king’s return. Today people of India celebrate this festival similarly.

  1.           GOWARDHAN POOJA – 08-NOVEMBER-2018

 This festival is celebrated as the victory of Lord Krishna. According to Hindu Holy texts, Lord Krishna defeated God Indra on this day. People worship Lord Krishna on Gowardhan Pooja.

  1.           BHAIYA DOOJ – 09-NOVEMBER-2018

 This festival is same as Rakhi festival. It also marks the relation and love between a brother and sister. On the day of Bhaiya Dooj, Sisters put a “Tilak” on their brother’s forehead, instead of putting a traditional band (Rakhi) on brothers wrist.

  1.           CHILDREN’S DAY – 14-NOVEMBER-2018

 The first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru’s birthday is celebrated as children’s day in India on 14th November, due to Jawahar Lal Nehru’s huge love for kids. Kids also call Jawahar Lal Nehru as “Chacha” Nehru, Which means “Nehru Uncle”.

  1.           EID-E-MILAD – 21-NOVEMBER-2018

 This festival is celebrated by Muslims in memory of Prophet Muhammad.

  1.           GURU NANAK JAYANTI – 23-NOVEMBER-2018

 This festival is the birthday of first Religious Guru of Sikh Religion. Guru Nanak Dev was the first guru of Sikh Religion. So Sikh people celebrate his birthday on this day.

  1.           CHRISTMAS – 25-DECEMBER-2018

 As in the whole world, Christians celebrate the great festival Christmas. Also in India Christians Celebrate Christmas.

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