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Enjoy an exciting experience, watching close up true gorillas on an African safari

Enjoy an exciting experience, watching close up true gorillas on an African safari

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The countries with the most options to appreciate gorillas in their natural habitat are Rwanda and Uganda. There are guided tours by professional staff, which allow the approach for a limited time and under strict safety regulations.

There are a variety of agencies that offer tours for several days and among their itinerary include an African safari, with tours of relevant sites to observe the gorillas or spectacular sunrises.

There are companies that organize guided visits on foot (trekking) to the Bwindi forest, which, because it is so impenetrable, requires a specialized guide. For this, you will need a series of permits, which are issued by the managers of each country.

These permits to explore the area and undertake the African safari are granted to limited groups of people since the area is not easily accessible and the stay in the place should not be longer than one hour.

The beginning of the crossing is done in the early hours of the morning and groups of 8 people are organized, according to the physical capacity, since the walk is quite demanding. After giving a series of instructions, you start the African safari, until you find the gorillas.

This meeting must be done in complete silence and the photos must be taken without flash. It will be possible to observe families of gorillas of up to 20 members, with females, young and a dominant male, which will unfold naturally, since they are accustomed to the presence of humans.

For this visit, the tourist is recommended to wear protective clothing, gloves to avoid hand injuries, insect repellent, backpack with food, binoculars, camera and personal documentation, such as a passport and vaccination card.

The best place to observe gorillas, without a doubt, is the impenetrable forest of Bwindi. Here half of the population of these animals is in danger of extinction. This is one of the reasons why Unesco named it a World Heritage Site, hence, its importance and the effort that is made for the protection of these beings, who are our closest relatives. It is an African safari that you cannot miss, it is worth watching these gorillas and see how they interact with each other.

Another place where gorillas can be seen in their natural state is in the Murchinson Fall National Park, located in Uganda. Here you can experience the most exciting African safari with incredible views and tours full of nature in its simplest expression.

Live a unique experience in the world, surrounded by gorillas.


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Nilla says:

Been to Bwindi forest, it was quite demanding but I had to go. I didn’t regret, must say. Loved it.

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