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Do you plan to travel to South Africa? Make the list of things to see and do in this destination

Do you plan to travel to South Africa? Make the list of things to see and do in this destination

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An Africa travel can be an out of the ordinary experience, going beyond knowing a city or an exotic landscape and South Africa is not just a safari destination, although it should be noted that the Kruger National Park is one of the best places to see large animals in freedom, it is also something more than that.

The Africa travel are an experience of cultural enrichment to appreciate what has been achieved by this country that maintained apartheid until not so long ago and to know the work of Mandela and the places through which he passed, such as the jail and even the cell where he stayed for 18 years. Visit Johannesburg, a city that grew thanks to the exploitation of gold, but today is a thriving tourist place and full of shops and hotels, will allow you to see the house of Mandela and the city that was synonymous with the resistance.

Another place that you do not want to miss in Cape Town, with its marked Dutch influence and which is one of the three cities that this country has because it has to know that it has 3! Yes, this is the legislative, Pretoria is administrative and is known as the garden city and a third, Bloemfontein is judicial. En Cape Town will have the opportunity to visit one of the 7 wonders of the world, Table Mountain and in the outskirts a vineyard route. Do not leave without having a tasting in its cellars of colonial architecture accompanied by a menu of traditional cuisine.

But Africa travel are also beaches of white sand and warm waters like those found in Durban, a spa town on the Indian Ocean, or of encounters between divers and sharks barely separated by a cage.

The Africa travel give you the chance to get everything you are looking for in a tourist destination, you can walk through one of the three largest canyons in the world, the Blyde River Canyon or the Victoria Falls that duplicate the world-famous Niagara Falls

If you enjoy flying by helicopter, flying over the Cape of Good Hope you will see a landscape that will leave you breathless. An Africa travel is also diverse in terms of culture, music, and art

South Africa is an ideal destination for tourists in search of options, you have so many that you may have to plan several Africa travel to see everything that this destination can offer.


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Reema says:

I didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy flying by helicopter, but next time that’s the first thing I’ll do.

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