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Do you know what you should not do in an Africa safari?

Do you know what you should not do in an Africa safari?

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It is the dream of many, to carry out an Africa safari, an experience that we all must have, to enjoy life in its natural habitat, the culture of the peoples that inhabit the African continent, the diversity of the flora, an experience of another world. But what we should not do in a tour of this magnitude, then we give you 12 tips, which you must take into account when you make your Africa safari.

  1. All African mosquitoes are not lurking behind the pot and ready to transmit malaria. It is impossible for you to catch malaria as soon as you set foot in the airport. Do not enter into a panic every time you see a mosquito on the Africa safari.
  2. Remember that in the rivers and lagoons in the Africa safari, they are inhabited by ferocious animals like the crocodile, so you should not cool down on the shore, or put your feet in puddles, first consult with local people, lest you end up being the snack of these Jurassic reptiles.
  3. Treat the Africa safari guide calmly, do not harass him with climate questions, or questions that do not matter, he will get fatigued with them.
  4. You have to be clear that you are not in a New York Zoo, you are on an Africa safari, it is important that you are clear, the animals lead their normal life with or without your presence, so do not corral your guide with complaints that you have not seen any animals yet, since they are not the kittens you have at home
  5. Do not insist on taking a photo in the foreground of a leopard a kilometer away with your very expensive camera. There are also impossible things that are absurd, on an Africa safari, and you can always download one for free on Google.
  6. It is not convenient to go out at night to see the stars around the camp, remember that the jungle is always open at night and all the carnivores are looking for a double whopper with cheese and onion at that time, it is very important your safety in an Africa safari.
  7. Do not think that Africa is always hot, according to what times and what areas you can spend colder at nightfall than in Siberia so you should always have a suitable coat on an Africa safari.
  8. It is advisable not to store food such as the package of ham you saw in the store, it is better to share it with the friends of the Africa safari than to attract the smell of all the hyenas in the neighborhood.
  9. Do not expect the schedules and programs to be carried out as if you were visiting Switzerland. This is Africa! The rhythms are others.
  10. It is not necessary to dress like a cocktail in Windsor Palace, it is sufficient that you wear comfortable and fresh clothes. The pith helmet is already very old fashioned.
  11. Do not insist on approaching elephant or buffalo pups for a photo. Your mother will be very upset, in the Africa safari, it is important not to bother wild animals too much.
  12. Do not throw your entire wardrobe back in your backpack. You’d be surprised to know how long a shirt can last on an Africa safari. Learn to love the pleasure of living in powder batter.


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Luisa says:

Huh, had those panic attack with mosquitos.

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