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Cruises – what is it? Myths and misconceptions about cruises

Cruises – what is it? Myths and misconceptions about cruises

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Day-to-day cruise holidays are increasingly popular. The advantages of such vacation are obvious. And still there are those who have prejudice in this regard. The reason is that this type of recreation is not widespread enough. It is little known and not yet familiar to the mass tourists although every year there is a stable growth of the cruise market. According to the forecast of the International Cruise Association (CLIA) 25.3 million passengers were planning to go on cruises in 2017. It shows a clear increase compared to the data of 10 years ago (15.8 million passengers in 2007).

Let’s try to dispel the main cruise misconceptions and myths.

The first myth is the most powerful, the cruises is a very expensive vacation. Mainly cruise vacation can be attributed to the level of 5*. However quite often cruise companies offer good discounts. A cruise vacation in most cases allows you to get maximum enjoyment in comparison with other types of travel. You pay a fixed amount per day, which includes accommodation, meals All Inclusive, numerous entertainments and moving along the route.

The second myth – swinging on the cruise. As a rule, cruises take place in calm waters, and the pitching is minimal. Cruise companies have long known where and when the storm, and do not plan at this time cruises. Also, modern liners are equipped with efficient pitching stabilizers.

The third myth – the sea is scary and you can drown. Cruises are the safest mode of transport. This is evidenced by the statistics.

The fourth myth, the most incorrect, the cruise is boring. Modern liner is a large comfortable floating hotel of 4-5*level.  In which there are swimming pools, SPA, gyms, sports fields, and even skating rinks. Also there are discos, casinos, evening shows, various contests and much more. You may not be enough a week of cruise on a large liner to visit everything.

Also, many believe that the liners, as “Titanic”, all the time floating. In fact, during the day more often they are in ports. Guests can go to the nearest beach or explore local attractions. If the ship sails during the day, there is always something to do on Board. You may sunbathe by the seawater pool, shop in duty free stores, and yes, just sleep.

The fifth myth – for a cruise it is necessary to issue a lot of visas. It is usually necessary one visa or two sometimes. Some countries make cruise passengers visa exemptions.

The sixth myth – the inner cabins are somewhere in the hold and very small.

Usually in the inside cabins instead of the window there is a mirror that visually expand the area. In size and decoration they are the same as with a window or balcony, and are located on all decks. There are no passenger cabins in the hold.  In general, guests spend a minimum of time in the cabin. Simply there is no time to be there, only to sleep.

The seventh myth – do not take children on a cruise, because it is a rest for adults. On the contrary, most companies are focused on family vacations. On Board there are clubs where children and teenagers engaged in professional animators. There are children’s pools and water slides, slot machines and much more. You can leave your child at the club free of charge when you go on a shore excursion.

The eighth myth – Cruises is a drug.

And it’s true! Anyone who’s been on a cruise knows it’s like a drug. There is even a saying: “If you are not currently on a cruise, then you are planning or thinking about your next cruise.” Why so?

Because cruises are the BEST TRAVEL and VACATION.

It is a cruise vacation that gives you the opportunity to visit many interesting places (countries, cities, islands or even continents) by unpacking your bags only once.

It is a cruise vacation that gives you the opportunity not to waste time moving between important points of your trip. As you move from one place to another, you can dine in the excellent restaurant, watch real Broadway or Comedy shows, or even enjoy SPA treatments.

It is a cruise vacation that gives you the opportunity to try a variety of cuisines for free.

It is a cruise vacation that gives you the opportunity to enjoy real Broadway productions for free.

It is a cruise vacation that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sunrise and sunset every day of your vacation. The liner has no bad views as you have a 360 degree view of the sea around.

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