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Creating Your First Blog Post

Log into the Blogger Admin
1-Log into your account
2-Choose dashboard on the left upside menu to enter blogger admin.
3-After log into the blogger admin, fill the empty blanks in your profile, please.
4-Our system is very easy to organize if you did not use similar software please watch the tutorial video

Blog Rules
1-We do not accept any article if your article is just information about your company.
2-We do not accept any copy paste articles
3-What type of articles is possible to share?
-Professional business life details
-Useful tips for tourism professionals
-Innovation in tourism
-Marketing in tourism
-Travel tips for tourists
and more…
3-You can choose more than 1 category for your articles,
if you do not find the right category for your articles, please inform us to open a new category for your articles.
Now it is ok to send us email with your username
or just write from live chat online or offline does not matter.
We will put new category and inform you by email.

Photo Rules
1-400*200 max or similar is good ( please check always how is it look like)

If you post quality and more articles, we give you points or discounts to use them in your company profile.
Details will be available later on.

If you do not obey the rules, we put your company and your private details on the blacklist next 1 year