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 Chyulu Hills National Park Kenya

 Chyulu Hills National Park Kenya

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 “The Greenish Volcano Hills of Africa”

Verdant rolling slopes of perpetual green, awesome blue skies and tremendous landscape views are what the Chyulu Slopes give to nature lovers.

Situated at around 150 km east of the Rift side of Kenya, Chyulu Hills consists of ash cones and craters. Volcanism in the zone began around 1.4 million years

back in the northern sides of the slopes. After some time, the volcanism proliferated towards the southeast. These volcanoes are still rendered dynamic, since their last two ejections; Shaitani and Chainu, which happened in 1856. Within the slopes is one of the longest magma tubes of the world; The Leviathan Cave.

Chyulu Hills National Park is a striking scene of emerald green slopes, thick forests, open vistas and pools of water with impressions of white mists in purplish blue skies. Remote and wild, Chyulu Hills National Park and its surrounding environment are to a great extent untouched by people except for the Maasai warriors who secure and rely on the land.

This Kenyan fortune isn’t known as a big destination, but rather, it is one of the few couple of spots where you will discover no indications of tourism, leading to the surreal feeling of isolation in the midst of surrounding occupant fauna. Endless open plains are cut by the rugged deep black lava flows that tell the story of this enchanted land, while the rough outcrops give you stunning vistas of the various natural surroundings, all with Africa’s most notable mountain in the background – Mount Kilimanjaro.

You will see giraffes adequately utilize their long tongues to get the leaves of the acacia trees while gently avoiding the thorns. Just nearby, zebras stand together to make a bewildering pattern of black and white stripes to confuse a lone cheetah that stands on a hill searching for prey.

On the peak of a low slope is a scene that you have imagined for your dream East African visit – a pride of lions laze about in the early morning following a night of chasing while their cubs attempt to pry pieces from the remains. Other varieties of large mammals found in Chyulu National Park include eastern black rhinos, the African Buffalo, Common Eland, Bushbuck, Mountain Reedbuck, Steinbok, Bushpig, Leopard and African Elephant.

Snakes also reside in the hills, some examples are; puff adder, black mamba and rock python

Chyulu hills are rich in a variety of vegetation, Remarkable trees are Chionanthus mildbraedii and the most northerly population of Podocarpus usambarensis.

Campers and horse riders do love this area a lot. Nevertheless, if you are a lover of hiking, then Chyulu Hills must be your next destination. WELCOME TO KENYA.

  Have a chance to see and pass through one of the longest magma tubes of the world.

 Chyulu Hills National Park is a striking scene of emerald green slopes

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