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Chile, the Cosmopolitan country of Latin America

Chile, the Cosmopolitan country of Latin America

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Chile is not one of the popular destinations of Latin America but it hosts beautiful landscapes that would leave anyone breathless. In the longest and narrowest country in South America there are activities for lovers of the sea, snow, deserts or mountains as well as art museums, modern restaurants and hectic bars. This article is an invitation to know the best destinations in Chile.


Named in 2011 by The New York Times as one of the best destinations in the world, the capital city captivates with its complete and sophisticated cultural agenda that has permeated its most famous neighborhoods.

From its different parks and natural areas it is possible to observe the imposing landscape of the Chilean capital, privileged to be located in a valley surrounded by mountains in which you can enjoy activities such as skiing, trekking, horseback riding, climbing, etc. Within the city you can visit the museums of natural history, science, colonial and pre-Columbian art, among many others; in addition to galleries, bars and restaurants and other important tourist places such as the Cerro de San Cristóbal, the Cerro de Santa Lucia , the Central Market and many more.


Chile is one of the largest wine producers in the world and, due to its great variety of grapes and its particular climatic conditions, Chilean wines are recognized as one of the best wines int the world in addition to being the strongest competition of European wines.

In the valleys of central Chile, the wineries offer visitors tours where they can observe  the production process of the wine from the grape to the bottle, ending with notable tastings of its best wines.T hese areas are not only to enjoy the good wine, you can also have contact with Chilean culture and cuisine.


Valparaíso is a coastal city in the center of Chile and a tourist destination par excellence. On some imposing hills bathed by the pacific sea the small and colorful houses of Valparaiso make this the most picturesque city in all of Chile.

The city is composed of different neighborhoods and a historic center that preserves in perfect condition its ancient beauty which earned it the title of World Heritage granted by Unesco in 2003. In Valparaiso it is essential to visit its Cerros or hills in their characteristic ascensores (funiculars) from which you can observe the varied architecture of its buildings, heritage of European migrants, as well as numerous murals and artistic interventions that make this city a world reference for urban art.


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Obsessed with their culture. The food is just perfect, and the glass of wine is must.

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