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THE TOP 5 strangest and most beautiful festivals in the world!!!

Who does not like to have some fun and entertainment?? Of course none, everyone likes to have fun and be happy, but everyone also has his own way to express joy and happiness that differs from one person to another, so some may jump high, others dance, and even cry.

Even peoples around the world have ways to celebrate that may differ from one country to another, according to traditions and cultures. That we can notice during the different year-round world festivals.

Let’s discover together the five strangest and most beautiful festivals in the world!! [...]

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South Korea Short Introduction for Travelers

Capital Seoul Government presidential republic Currency Won (₩, KRW) Area 98,480km² land: 98,190km² water: 290km² Population 51,302,044(2014 estimate) Language Korean, English widely taught in junior high and high school Religion No organized affiliation 31.5%, Christian 40% (Protestant majority), Buddhist 38%, Confucianism 0.2%, other 1% (2010 estimate) Electricity 220V, 60Hz (C & F type “German” plugs) Country [...]read moreSouth Korea Short Introduction for Travelers