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Nepal Short Introduction for Travelers

Capital Kathmandu Government Republic. Monarchy was dissolved by Constituent Assembly on 28 May 2008. Currency Nepalese rupee (NPR) Area 147,181km² water: 3,830km² land: 143,351km² Population 27,474,377 (2012 estimate) Language Nepali (official; spoken by 90% of the population), about a dozen other languages and about 30 major dialects; many in government and business also speak English [...]read moreNepal Short Introduction for Travelers

Nepal Inbound Tourism Statistics by Country 2014 Between 2017

Throughout the year 1993-2014 The tourism industry in Nepal had seen a tremendous growth mostly due to the encouragement of the Nepalese government in the form of subsidies, continuous increase in standard of living and promotions of the diversified country providing equally diversified and ample activities to the little known world through social medias. However the tourism industry suffered a heavy loss in the year 2015.

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