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Admire nature and meet the Big Five on a fun safari

Seeing a large wild animal up close, and also in its own habitat should definitely be a great experience, and drives us to want to go on safari and tour the great nature reserves of those who own the great national parks of Africa. No matter how much you have traveled or how many landscapes [...]read moreAdmire nature and meet the Big Five on a fun safari

Best African Safari Tours in Madagascar

Best African Safari Tours in Madagascar Marojeji National Park Ranomafana National Park Tsingy de Bemaraja Nature Reserve Ankarafantsika National Park Andohahela National Park Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park Isalo National Park Mantadia National Park

Madagascar Short Introduction for Travelers

Capital Antananarivo Government Republic Currency ariary (MGA) Area total: 587,040 km² water: 5,500 km² land: 581,540 km² Population 21,095,469 (July 2007 est.) Language Malagasy (national & official) French (official) Religion Indigenous beliefs 52%, Christian 41%, Muslim 7% Country code +261 Internet TLD .mg Time Zone UTC+3 Best 5 Places To Visit in Madagascar 1 Rova AMBOHIMANGA 2 Millot Plantations AMBANJA [...]read moreMadagascar Short Introduction for Travelers