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KAZAKHSTAN: Free’s territory and the country of Hawk ‘s Tamers

If you are a fan of green nature and you are passionate about history and exploration, you must live a unique tourist experience in a country like Kazakhstan.


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Kazakhstan Short Introduction for Travelers

Capital Astana Government Republic Currency tenge (KZT) Area 2,724,902km² water: 47,500km² land: 2,669,800km² Population 16,402,861 (July 2009 estimate) Language Kazakh (official, state language) 64.4%, Russian(official) 95% (2001 estimate) Religion Muslim 67%, Russian Orthodox 24%, Protestant 2%, other 7% Electricity 220V, 50Hz, European plug Country code +7 Time Zone UTC+5 to UTC+6 Best 5 Places To Visit in [...]read moreKazakhstan Short Introduction for Travelers