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This is how to apply Schengen Tourist Visa for Italy ?

The delicious pizza, Leonardo da Vinci's paintings and the powerful gladiators , the Colosseum's  stars such as Spartacus and Crickos??? [...]

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THE TOP 5 strangest and most beautiful festivals in the world!!!

Who does not like to have some fun and entertainment?? Of course none, everyone likes to have fun and be happy, but everyone also has his own way to express joy and happiness that differs from one person to another, so some may jump high, others dance, and even cry.

Even peoples around the world have ways to celebrate that may differ from one country to another, according to traditions and cultures. That we can notice during the different year-round world festivals.

Let’s discover together the five strangest and most beautiful festivals in the world!! [...]

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Top 5 island for the honey moon


Here top 5 island where you can spend the honey moon. It is the one life trip for every couple or two persons in love. These romantic moments uniting you together will last forever in your eternal memories, you and your soul mate.

Every brand new bride and groom start preparing, after finishing the exhausting wedding ceremony, for an unforgettable moment for fun and relaxation. However, lots of couples are facing situation of confusion and hesitation because of the myriad of wonderful and astonishing places with romantic mood where they can spend their honey moon.

What are the best tourist destinations to spend the honey moon? [...]

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Italy : The Land of Beauty

Known as ‘Bel Paese’, Italy is another beautiful country located in Southern Europe. Bordered to France& Austria on the North & Atlantic ocean to the South, Italy is considered as the birthplace of western culture & shelters a large number of UNESCO world heritages. [...]

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Italy Short Introduction for Travelers

Capital Rome Government Parliamentary Republic Currency Euro (€) Area total: 301,340km² water: 7,200km² land: 294,140km² Population 59,433,744 (2011 census) Language Italian (official); minor German, French and Slovene-speaking communities Religion predominately Roman Catholic with mature Protestant and Jewish communities and a growing Muslim immigrant community Electricity 230V, 50Hz (European or Italian plug) Country code +39 Internet TLD .it Time Zone UTC+1 Emergencies dial 112 [...]read moreItaly Short Introduction for Travelers