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THE TOP 5 strangest and most beautiful festivals in the world!!!

Who does not like to have some fun and entertainment?? Of course none, everyone likes to have fun and be happy, but everyone also has his own way to express joy and happiness that differs from one person to another, so some may jump high, others dance, and even cry.

Even peoples around the world have ways to celebrate that may differ from one country to another, according to traditions and cultures. That we can notice during the different year-round world festivals.

Let’s discover together the five strangest and most beautiful festivals in the world!! [...]

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What comes to your mind when you hear the name “India”? Most probably the first thing that comes to your mind would be Cricket & you might’ve heard of Bollywood as well. [...]

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India Short Introduction for Travelers

Capital Delhi Government Federal Parliamentary Republic Currency Indian Rupee (₹, INR) Area total: 3,287,263km² water: 314,070km² land: 2,973,193km² Population 1,324,171,354 (according to the 2017 revision of the World Population Prospects) Language Hindi, English and 21 other official languages Religion 79.8% Hindu, 14.2 Islam, 2.3 Christianity, 1.7% Sikhism, 0.7% Buddhist, 0.7% Other religions, 0.4% Jain, 0.2% Religion [...]read moreIndia Short Introduction for Travelers

Festivals in India

Indians Celebrate Festivals In Every Month Of Year

In India, Festivals are celebrated every month of a year. India is also called Country of festivals. Mainly there are different festivals in each region of India. But we are going to tell you about the festivals those are celebrated in whole India or in more than one regions and popular not only in India but also globally. Here are the upcoming Festivals of India in the year 2018. [...]

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Tourism Statistics of India – Top 10 Countries

2016 Tourism Statistics of India - Top 10 Countries

Top countries of the world love to travel to the Asian country India. Yes, you read it right. People of United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, France and China love to make a tour to India. We are not saying this, the statistical report of United Nations World Tourism Organization is saying this. [...]

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Honeymoon in India

If you’ve finally decided on “shudh desi romance” and stuck to India for your honeymoon- let me tell you this: you haven’t settled for anything less! So, stop fretting because you’re open to a multitude of choices and each tops the other.

We’re presenting you with this one-hell-of- a list of the top honeymoon places in India, that’ll kick your wanderlust into a full throttle. Get down to narrowing your choices and even if you can’t, why worry. After all honeymoon trips are meant to be a lengthy affair.

So, get ready to create the first amazing memory of your married life that you will cherish forever. Explore this list of top 50 honeymoon places in India. Select the one that allures you the most.


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Tourism in India

  In World Tourism India is growing at a high rate of speed. The Report of United Nations World Tourism Organization on World Tourism says that According to International Tourism Arrival, India is at 8th number in Asia, and according to International Tourism Receipt, India is at 7th number in Asia. In above report, it [...]read moreTourism in India