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Top 5 island for the honey moon


Here top 5 island where you can spend the honey moon. It is the one life trip for every couple or two persons in love. These romantic moments uniting you together will last forever in your eternal memories, you and your soul mate.

Every brand new bride and groom start preparing, after finishing the exhausting wedding ceremony, for an unforgettable moment for fun and relaxation. However, lots of couples are facing situation of confusion and hesitation because of the myriad of wonderful and astonishing places with romantic mood where they can spend their honey moon.

What are the best tourist destinations to spend the honey moon? [...]

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Greece Short Introduction for Travelers

Capital Athens Government parliamentary republic Currency euro (EUR) Area 131,940 sq km Population 10,688,058 (July 2006 est.) Language Greek 99% (official) Religion Greek Orthodox 98%, Muslim 1.3%, other 0.7% Electricity 220V/50Hz (European plug) Country code +30 Internet TLD .gr Time Zone UTC +2 Best 5 Places To Visit in Greece 1 Heraklion Archaeological Museum IRAKLIO 2 [...]read moreGreece Short Introduction for Travelers

Average Tourist in Greece Spends 67 Euros per Day

             The average tourist visiting Greece spends 6.5 nights in the country and 67 euros per day, a new study on visitor spending for the first half of 2017 by the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises Institute (INSETE) has found. Published on Friday, the study also found that average takings per [...]read moreAverage Tourist in Greece Spends 67 Euros per Day