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Chile, the Cosmopolitan country of Latin America


Chile is not one of the popular destinations of Latin America but it hosts beautiful landscapes that would leave anyone breathless. In the longest and narrowest country in South America there are activities for lovers of the sea, snow, deserts or mountains as well as art museums, modern restaurants and hectic bars. This article is an invitation to know the best destinations in Chile. [...]

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Chile Short Introduction for Travelers

Capital Santiago Government Republic Currency Chilean peso (CLP) Area 756,102km² water: 12,290km² land: 743,812km² Population 17,224,200 (May 2011 estimate) Language Spanish Religion Roman Catholic 70%, Protestant 15.1%, None 8.3% Electricity 220V, 50Hz (type C & L plugs) Country code +56 Internet TLD .cl Time Zone UTC-4 (UTC-3 in summer) Easter Island: UTC-6 (UTC-5 in summer) [...]read moreChile Short Introduction for Travelers