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Perhaps this destination is not one of the most popular among travelers, however, Bolivia has great attractions and a cultural heritage like no other on the continent. This country keeps many of its natural treasures intact thanks to the little intervention that of man in them, but also offers its vibrant environments, colorful markets, happy festivals and even extreme adventures. [...]

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Bolivia Short Introduction for Travelers

Capital La Paz (administrative & governmental); Sucre (legal capital & judicial seat) Government Republic Currency Boliviano (BOB) Area 1,098,580km² water: 14,190km² land: 1,084,390km² Population 8,989,046 (July 2006 estimate) Language Spanish (official), Quechua(official), Aymara (official) Religion Roman Catholic 95%, Protestant (Evangelical Methodist) Electricity 220V, 50HZ (but 115V in La Paz &Viacha (A & C type plugs) Country code +591 Internet TLD .bo Time Zone UTC-4 Best 5 Places [...]read moreBolivia Short Introduction for Travelers

Tourism statistics of Bolivia 2014-2016

Bolivia is a country in South America with a great tourism potential with many attractions due to its diverse culture, geographic features and food culture.

The booming tourism industry is as a result of UNESCO declaring six centers as world heritage centers. These centers form the basic line of ‘must visit centers’ for every visitor who comes to Bolivia. These heritage centers include:


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