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Barbados Short Introduction for Travelers

Capital Bridgetown Government Parliamentary democracy Currency Barbadian dollar (BBD) US dollars are widely accepted Area 431km² Population 279,912 (July 2006 estimate) Language English Religion Protestant 67% (Anglican 40%, Pentecostal 8%, Methodist 7%, other 12%), Roman Catholic 4%, none 17%, other 12% Electricity 115V, 50Hz (North American plug) Country code 1-246 Internet TLD .bb Time Zone [...]read moreBarbados Short Introduction for Travelers

Barbados Tourism Statistics

Barbados is the best tourist destination among the Carribean islands.

Tourism contributes to almost 50% of the foreign exchange of the country. It’s also a very good place for foreign investment by tourists in the form of holiday homes.

Barbados is an all year tourist destination. Little rainfall every day, multiple times changes in weather during 24 hrs, but never an extreme makes it a beautiful place to visit.


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