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Austria Short Introduction for Travelers

Capital Vienna Government Federal Parliamentary Republic Currency Euro (€) Area total: 83,871km² water: 1,426km² land: 82,445km² Population 8,404,252 (Jan 2011) Language German (official), Austro-Bavarian dialect (of German – native, except in Vorarlberg), Alemannic (native in Vorarlberg), regional Slovenian, Serbo-Croatian, Hungarian Religion Roman Catholic 64%, Protestant 5%, Agnostics and Atheists 21%, Muslim and other 10% Electricity 230V/50Hz (European plug) Country code +43 Internet TLD [...]read moreAustria Short Introduction for Travelers

Austria Tourism Statistics

Rich in ancient traditions and boasting medieval ages castles Austria sets you in the classic ages where emperors and kings once ruled the world hence attracting millions of tourists from all over the world. Tourism sector plays a vital role in Austria, contributing largely to the country’s GDP accounting almost 16.1% of the total GDP.


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