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ARGENTINA: Delicious food and very warm people.


Argentina is an immense country, not only because of the surface of its land, but because of the warmth and originality of its people.
The "Mate", the alfajores, the dulce de leche and the asado are unique to this country that delights with its flavors, its sounds, its landscapes and its people. [...]

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Argentina Short Introduction for Travelers

Capital Buenos Aires Government Federal Republic Currency Argentine Peso (ARS) Area 2,780,400km² water: 43,710km² land: 2,736,690km² Population 40,177,096 (2010 census) 41,660,417 (2013 estimate) Language Spanish spoken language: Guarani Religion Roman Catholic 78%, 12% Evangelists, 12% agnostics, 4% atheists, Protestant 2%, Jewish 2%, 1.5% Muslims Electricity 220V, 50Hz (European plug) Country code +54 Internet TLD .ar [...]read moreArgentina Short Introduction for Travelers

Argentina Tourism Statistics

Bejeweled with natural wonders with an abundance of exotic wildlife, colonial towns along with its vibrant culture, and graced as one of the world’s hotspots for tourism, the vast territory of Argentina has everything to offer. Apart from the behemoth metropolis of Buenos Aries and main cities like Salta, Rosario, Ushuaia the real trump cards outside the capital are the sheer size of the land and diverse wildlife inhabiting it.


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We discovered Mendoza, Argentina one of the Great wine world capitals

          Wine tourism in Mendoza is very developed; we can enjoy the great Malbec wines (our emblem vine) in more than 180 wineries open to tourists, with names such as Catena Zapata, Chandon, Zuccardi, Salentein and Trapiche, all ready to offer the best wine tourism experiences; we will experiment to harvest our bunches and to [...]read moreWe discovered Mendoza, Argentina one of the Great wine world capitals