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Let us introduce ourselves A few words about us At Medobay, we recognise that you have come all the way for nothing but the best in terms of show more

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Medical Travel Planning with MedoBay

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What we can offer you? Free Consultation At MedoBay, we recognize the importance of making a well-informed decision. Allow us to consult our seasoned specialists on your behalf. Medical Travel Planning At MedoBay, we like to believe that we are good at what we do – Medical Travel Planning – but we always prefer that our clients confirm it too. We work closely with...

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Let us introduce ourselves

A few words about us

At Medobay, we recognise that you have come all the way for nothing but the best in terms of medical tourism services, which is why we have resolved to only affiliate ourselves with some of the most reputable and renowned clinics, specialists, doctors and medical institutions.

We have carefully and painstakingly selected only the best hospitals with state of the art facilities and ultra-modern treatment techniques, technology and a team of highly trained staff and team to ensure that your comfort and needs take total priority during your stay with us.

To ensure that your convenience is not compromised throughout your stay with us, we plan all our services well ahead of time. It will also please you to know that we adhere to the strictest medical standard and always uphold ethical standards in all of our activities. We are initially based in the UK with branches and operational arms in cities like Tehran, Turkey, amongst others. We cater to your entire need and carefully walk you through the whole process involved in successfully securing and completing medical tourism.

We aim to first thoroughly understand what you expect of us and then we tailor our services to serve you in the best possible way. After examining your medical condition and history, we will look to suggest and refer to you a well-curated list of hospitals or clinics where you can get access to some of the best specialists and experts in their various fields. At Medobay, we try as much as possible to maintain a high standard when it comes to offering quality medical tourism services at very affordable prices.

We offer a range of medical and cosmetic related treatment and services In Iran, Turkey and various other medical destinations around the world. Our services are backed by highly skilled, experienced and trained professionals that are dedicated to helping you accomplish your goal as a medical tourist.


MedoBay Platform

Based in the UK, Medobay is a search engine for medical tourism and healthcare service providers. We have a team of dedicated and highly skilled professionals, that caters to the needs of a variety of medical tourist, travel services and tours for various international patients across the globe.

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