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Botswana, a destination for tours and luxury Safaris

Botswana, a destination for tours and luxury Safaris

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Botswana is almost the only place in the world where it is still possible to get nature in its most virgin and unexplored state. It is a privileged place for lovers of natural life, wildlife and the sounds of nature. A Botswana safari is far from being a jeep full of tourists going through plains to see and photograph animals.

This wonderful scenario is possible thanks to the fact that an important percentage of the territory was declared a national park, so tourism development is limited to small camps and enclosures for a limited number of guests. A Botswana safari is synonymous with adventure with exclusivity.

The Botswana safari allows the integration with nature almost in solitude, it is a journey of contact with all kinds of animal life but in a place that only a few can have access to. It is a chance to see elephants, antelope giraffes, birds of prey, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas and jackals, ostriches and even the unique black-haired lions.

In Botswana, there are luxury accommodations, with the concept of a five-star hotel but in the middle of nowhere. The tour operators offer round-trip flights from the airport where you arrive at the camp, meals, and drinks during your stay, as well as the organization of different tours for your experience of a Botswana safari.

The facilities have in most cases air conditioning in the rooms and are equipped with private bathrooms and four-poster beds, which give a romantic air, but also have a practical sense, protection against mosquitoes. Some of the accommodations have private terraces for the observation of animal life in the environment, while others have these platforms in the common areas, in addition to outdoor dining and some areas for rest after a day of Botswana safari

The daily activities can also be organized by most of the camps and you will find such variety that will allow you to select from excursions on foot, by jeep, by helicopter or in typical canoes of the region called Mokoro, through channels through the Okavango Delta, day or night excursions. If in addition to nature you are also passionate about culture, you can take it to know the ancient paintings of the Bushmen, to know a small nearby town and if you just need a moment of more silence and solitude, you can fish in the delta.

Tours and luxury accommodation you will only find in this destination.


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MARIA says:

Love the hotels in the middle of nowhere, truly beautiful experience.

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