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Bolivia Short Introduction for Travelers

Bolivia Short Introduction for Travelers

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CapitalLa Paz (administrative & governmental); Sucre (legal capital & judicial seat)
CurrencyBoliviano (BOB)
water: 14,190km²
land: 1,084,390km²
Population8,989,046 (July 2006 estimate)
LanguageSpanish (official), Quechua(official), Aymara (official)
ReligionRoman Catholic 95%, Protestant (Evangelical Methodist)
Electricity220V, 50HZ (but 115V in La Paz &Viacha (A & C type plugs)
Country code+591
Time ZoneUTC-4

Best 5 Places To Visit in Bolivia

1 Casa Nacional de la Moneda POTOSÍ
2 Calle Jaén Museums LA PAZ
3 Cathedral COPACABANA
4 Casa de la Libertad SUCRE
5 Palacio Portales COCHABAMBA

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