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Bhutan Tourism Statistics 2013-2016

Bhutan Tourism Statistics 2013-2016

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Tourism in Bhutan began in 1974 when the government opened its isolated country for foreigners. Following the privatization of the Bhutan tourism Corporation in 1991, more than 75 companies have been seen to be operative in the country.

With 209570 tourists including regional tourists, Bhutan recorded the highest tourist arrivals in 2016. This was a 35% shoot up compared to the 16% of 2015. This marked an increase in both regional and international arrivals. The regional arrivals hit a 50% increase with the international arrivals hitting a 35% increase in 2016 compared to 2015.

More than half the international arrivals were from Asia and the pacific regions followed by Europe and North America at 26% and 16% respectively.

Bhutan has seen an appreciation in numbers of tourist arrivals over the decades with 287 arrivals in 1974, 2850 in 1992 and 209570 in 2016.

By country arrival statistics:


Chinese tourists dominated the arrivals by 17% of the total visitors, followed by USA at 13% and Japan at 9%. UK and Thailand followed closely to make it to the top five foreign markets.

With visits from Germany, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia, they made it to the top ten visit slots for Bhutan.

More than half of the visitors (53%) are aged 26-56, with 12% aged between 56-60 and 29% aged above 60.

Out of the 146797 regional tourists who visited the country in 2016, 138201 were from India and 8596 from Bangladesh. Approximately 70% of the total regional visitors were from Bhutan.

Bhutan’s most important tourist attraction centers include Thimphu and western city of Paro.

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