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Barbados Tourism Statistics

Barbados Tourism Statistics

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Barbados is the best tourist destination among the Carribean islands.

Tourism contributes to almost 50% of the foreign exchange of the country. It’s also a very good place for foreign investment by tourists in the form of holiday homes.

Barbados is an all year tourist destination. Little rainfall every day, multiple times changes in weather during 24 hrs, but never an extreme makes it a beautiful place to visit.

Barbados gets maximum tourists from UK (37%) followed by USA (23%), Caribean(15%),Canada (13%), Europe(8%) and rest of the world(4%).


If we have a broader overview of the tourism in Barbados over the year, we see a rise in tourism during new year eve and Christmas.

Every month there are almost 50,000 tourists visiting Barbados, that too increasing day by day. Tourism provides almost 40% of the total employment of the country.

90% of the tourists are foreigners as compared only 10% domestic tourists.

There are many tourist attractions in Barbados but most of the tourists visit Bridgetown, the capital city. There are beaches, nightlife, awesome food, adventure islands, safari rides and much more to do in Barbados.

On an average, tourist spends around 12 days over here to enjoy the place and there are many of them who just come here to enjoy the food.

Cruise ships are the mode of travel which tourists use and it’s increasing by almost 12-15% per year.

If we count in the number of stop over tourists who come via cruise ships to Barbados, it’s close to a million over a 1 year period.

The tourism industry is expecting to increase almost 3% per year over the next 10 years.

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