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Bangladesh Tourism Statistics

Bangladesh Tourism Statistics

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After many years of Independence, Bangladesh tourism has started to flourish over the last 15-20 years. Tourism in the country shows a substantial fluctuation over the years because of the political imbalances and the natural calamities of the country.

Tourists to Bangladesh are mostly from South Asia, followed by Europe, East Asia and the Pacific and the least from America.

Tourism in the country showed a good growth from 1996-2006. 2006 onwards, it showed a decline till 2014. The industry is growing but at a very slow pace. In 2014 almost 125,000 tourists visited the country.

Bangladesh citizens visiting out of the country showed a similar trend. From the year 1995-2007, it showed a rise followed by a fall too low levels.

The total number of Bangladeshi citizens visiting abroad far outweighs the number of foreign tourists visiting the country by almost 10 times.

The visitor export goods contribute to almost 11% of the total GDP.

Travel and tourism investment increased by almost 13.9% in 2017.

It contribution o GDP increased by almost 6.2% by direct contribution and 7.2% by total contribution to the GDP in 2017.

Close to 1.8% of the employment in Bangladesh is provided by tourism industry directly whereas 2.7% of the total employment is because of direct and indirect result of travel and tourism industry.

Over the next 10 years, it is expected to increase and reach a target of around 6% growth by the year 2027.

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