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Bahrain Tourism Statistics

Bahrain Tourism Statistics

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A small country with Manama as the capital is the most common tourist destination.
Another Island by the name of Muharraq where the Bahrain international airport resides also holds some tourist destinations.
Major modes of transport in and out of the country are by air and the only terrestrial route via King Fahd Causeway which connects Bahrain to Saudi Arabia.



Bahrain tourism started developing nearly 25 years after its Independence in 1971 because of oil business which came rose to great heights suddenly.
From the year 1995-2011 Bahrain tourism increased gradually to almost 12 million tourists per year but after 2011 political imbalance n 2011, tourism decreased markedly. Many F1 racing events also had to cancel during 2011 and next few years.

It has started to increase over the last 3 years after some political stability has been regained in the country.

Most of the tourists who visit the country are from Saudi Arabia for the purpose of leisure and holiday. Few visit for personal and business reasons. After people from Saudi Arabia, there are tourists from the rest of the Middle East followed by Asia.

During the first half of 2017, around 5.6 million tourists visited Bahrain which means an increase in tourism by 14%.
Talking about the outbound tourism, Bahrainis travel mostly to Saudi Arabia followed by the UK, Europe, and the USA.
Hotel occupancy has increased after 2011 but it has not reached the levels pre 2011.

Total employment provided by the tourism-related sectors also show a similar trend: Author Team

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