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Bahamas Tourism Statistics

Bahamas Tourism Statistics

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From diving in with Dolphins or playing alongside with sea lions at Dolphin Cay or snorkeling alongside the exotic tropical fish and sharks in the amazing habitat in the ruins of Atlantis, to exploring the lost city of Atlantis as you walk through and discover one of the largest open-air marine habitats in the world, Bahamas has got it all covered.

Inbound Tourism

Alongside with all those adventures Bahamas hosts multiple events like the Aqua venture, Climber’s Rush, Atlantis kid’s adventure hence it may come as no surprise that the total contribution of travel and tourism to total GDP in 2016 was 44.8% and 47.6% in the year 2017 with 6,141,300 international tourist arrivals. The total contribution of Travel and Tourism to employment was an astounding 52.9%(102,500) of total jobs in 2016 which later rose to 55.6%(105,300) in 2017. By the year 2027, it is forecasted to support 135000 jobs i.e. 64.9% of total employment with an average increase of 2.4% per annum.

The islands get little rain from December through April hence guaranteeing you for a good weather. Blue skies coupled with daily temperatures ranging from 75 to 85 °F draws maximum number tourists from around the world, and the islands are packed. This season is the busiest schedule for the islands and they go into overdrive hence hotels, restaurants, shop owners and tour operators offer their best. If you like the uproar and excitement of a high-energy crowd intent on having fun, this is the time to go. The downside is you will pay top dollar for everything. You’ll need to make reservations three to six months in advance for hotels and flights, and be prepared to spend time waiting in lines once you arrive.

77% of the visitors arriving were from the USA followed by 10% from Canada with 6% from European countries and the rest from other countries from the statistics provided by the government of the Bahamas for the year 2014 and 2015 since latest statistics regarding the origin of tourists are unavailable as of now.

Domestic tourism

18.6% of direct contribution to Travel and Tourism GDP was generated via Domestic travel spending compared with 81.4% for foreign visitor spending in 2016 with a fall of 0.6% in BSD 560.8mn, and is forecasted to rise by 0.9% pa to BSD 611.1mn in 2027. Visitor exports are grew by 4.7% in 2017 to BSD 2,594.5mn, and rise by 4.1% pa to BSD 3,865.4mn in 2027.

Outbound Tourism

With a 12.26% increase from 2014’s 212million US dollars, Bahamas outbound tourism was in the level of 238 US dollars in the year 2015. The Bahamians mostly like to travel to Canada, the UK, the US although the government of Bahamas warns them of the recent racist activities in the US of police killing black men and even if they do visit proceed with caution against the local police.

10 places for the optimal experience in Bahamas:

1.Gold Rock Beach (Lucayan National Park)
2.Castaway Cay (Sandy Point)
3.Marine Habitat at Atlantis (Paradise Island)
4.Half Moon Beach (Little San Salvador Island (Half Moon Cay))
5.Coco Cay (Berry Islands)
6.Aquaventure Water Park at Atlantis Paradise Island (Nassau)
7.Beaches of Stocking Island (Great Exuma)
8.Blue Lagoon Island (Nassau)
9.Dolphin Cay (Paradise Island)
10.Predator Lagoon (Paradise Island) Author Team

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