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Azerbaijan Tourism Statistics

Azerbaijan Tourism Statistics

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The literal example of East meeting West is Azerbaijan.  It is a country that straddles both in Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Along with it’s fiery volcano mountain, ancient mosques it boasts of impressive ultra modern architecture such as the flame towers in Baku that casts a bronzed glow over the city at night. Featuring the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Baku along with the delicious delicacies Teze market has to offer no matter what your programs are, Azerbaijan has lots to offer.

Inbound Tourism
Through January to July 2017 alone, 1.5million tourists visited Azerbaijan, which compared to the previous year given the same time period is more than 24%. The total number of tourists that visited Azerbaijan in 2016 was 2.48m, which grew to about 2,738,000 this year. With an average increase of 6.5% per annum, the tourism industry has forecasted to reach 4,254,000 by the year 2027. Although the country is reliable on it’s oil for its economy tourism sector in Azerbaijan contributes to 15.1% of GDP in 2017 employing about 642,000 people i.e. 13.9% of total employment and with an increase of 3.2% per annum they plan to have employ 883,000 people i.e. 19.2% of total employment.

Considering the fact that the Arabs dominate the streets of Baku and other provinces statistics’ reveal that Russia was Azerbaijan’s main source market. Followed up by the Georgian’s, although their numbers are high they remain almost invisible since they are not so rich to have a high expenditure in Baku and other central provinces. The smallest groups of visitors came to China, India and France.

4 Iran248,632
5 Iraq62,983
6 Ukraine55,508
7United Arab Emirates53,18
8 Kazakhstan31,994
9United Kingdom29,514
13United States12,291
17Saudi Arabia7,463
19 India6,012
Total visitors2,248,773

Domestic Tourism
Domestic travel spending contributed to 26.6% of direct Travel & Tourism GDP in 2016 compared with 73.4% for visitor exports (i.e. foreign guest spending or international tourists expenditure). Domestic travel spending grew by 3.6% in 2017 to AZN 1,710.6mn, and expected to rise by 6.1% pa to AZ 3,099.2mn in 2027. Visitor exports grew by 7.9% in 2017 to AZN 4,921.7mn, and expected to rise by 6.5% pa to AZN 9,205.3mn in 2027 according to the data collected by

Top 15 must visit places in your next trip to Azerbaijan are:

1.Baku, Azerbaijan
2.Icheri Seher
3.Absheron National Park
4.Mud Volcano
5.Naftalan Oil Resort
6.Gobustan National Park
7.Caspian Sea
8.Shirvan National Park
10.Sheki City
11.Yanar Dag – Flaming Hillside
12.Baku Boulevard
13.Ateshgah Fire Temple
14.Yanar Bulag
15.Astara Author Team

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