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Average Tourist in Greece Spends 67 Euros per Day

Average Tourist in Greece Spends 67 Euros per Day

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             The average tourist visiting Greece spends 6.5 nights in the country and 67 euros per day, a new study on visitor spending for the first half of 2017 by the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises Institute (INSETE) has found.

Published on Friday, the study also found that average takings per visit come to 435 euros, showing a small increase of 1 percent compared to the same period in 2016. There was also a rise of 1.9 percent compared to least year in spending per night, though the average length of stay was slightly smaller, by 0.9 percent.

As far as volume is concerned, 87.7 percent of tourists visited the following six regional units: Attica (1.97 million visitors), Central Macedonia (1.95 million), Southern Aegean (1.50 million), Crete (1.37 million), Ionian Islands (597,000) and Eastern Macedonia & Thrace (519,000).

The remaining 1.11 million visits that took place in the first half of the year were in the country’s other seven regional units: Epirus, Peloponnese, Western Greece, Thessaly, Mainland Greece, Western Macedonia and Northern Aegean.

GCrete had the highest takings per visit at 663 euros.

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