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Italy : The Land of Beauty

Known as ‘Bel Paese’, Italy is another beautiful country located in Southern Europe. Bordered to France& Austria on the North & Atlantic ocean to the South, Italy is considered as the birthplace of western culture & shelters a large number of UNESCO world heritages. [...]

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Switzerland : The Land of Milk And Honey

Located in Central Europe, Switzerland is one of the gorgeous countries that every traveler dreams of traveling to. Bordered -with France to the west, Italy to the South, Liechtenstein & Austria to the east & Germany to the North, Switzerland is one of the most picturesque & mountainous countries in Europe. [...]

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New Zealand : The Land of the Long White Cloud

Known as " The Land of the Long White Cloud" , New Zealand is one of those few countries that is cloaked in the everlasting beauty of nature. [...]

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Australia: The Beauty Of The Pacific Ocean

Australia is considered to be one of the most peaceful nations in the world which is surrounded by the Pacific & Indian Oceans. [...]

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The Paradise Island of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the tiny island situated South to India is well known for its quality tea which is famous around the world as “Ceylon Tea”. Well, It’s not only tea that Sri Lanka is famous for, But for its breath-taking travel destinations. [...]

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What comes to your mind when you hear the name “India”? Most probably the first thing that comes to your mind would be Cricket & you might’ve heard of Bollywood as well. [...]

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