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Austria Tourism Statistics

Austria Tourism Statistics

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Rich in ancient traditions and boasting medieval ages castles Austria sets you in the classic ages where emperors and kings once ruled the world hence attracting millions of tourists from all over the world. Tourism sector plays a vital role in Austria, contributing largely to the country’s GDP accounting almost 16.1% of the total GDP.

Inbound Tourism

The year 2016 became quite fruitful with hotels managing to generate 140.85million overnight stays along with being, the first time ever to cross the 40million benchmark with 41.45 million arrivals. In 2016 alone it created 734,000 jobs directly which later increased to 769,500 in 2017. By 2027 it aims to open more opportunities to the pool of 883,000 people. In the year 2017, it had an astounding number of 42,824,000 tourists.

People tend to visit mostly in the summer and it does have its own advantage: best weather, the alpine trails are snow free, the busiest schedule for tourist attraction and long days. Comparatively to that of summer, travelling during spring and falls season might be more efficient since it’s less expensive, smaller crowds, decent weather and one can enjoy the full range of sights and tourist fun spots with the ability to get a room at any given time opposed to that of summer. Also the fact, fall harvest and wine festivities light up many towns while vineyards and forests exhibit beautiful fiery colors.

Germany still is at the top among the contributors to boosting the tourism industry and it is speculated that there is an increase of 4.9% for total inbound along with the Dutch and Swiss visitors for +3.6% and + 3.4% respectively. However, there were declines for the overnight stay from Italian guests by -1.8%, the USA by 2% and Russia by a whooping -17.8% in 2017. About 84.1% visitors came for leisure purposes raking in a monstrous EUR 35.6bn for the inbound tourism sector alone.

Domestic tourism

According to statistics carried out by Statistics Austria, there was an increase in domestic tourism with overnights stays increased by 4.4% to 38.01million.

Domestic travel spending generated 52.7% of direct Travel & Tourism GDP in 2016 compared with 47.3% for visitor exports (i.e. foreign visitor spending or international tourism receipts). Domestic travel spending is expected to fall by 0.1% in 2017 to EUR21.3bn, and rise by 1.3% pa to EUR24.3bn in 2027.

The top ten tourists attraction and considered to be in a well versed itinerary are:

  1. Schonbrunn Palace
  2. Hallstatt
  3. Grossglockner Alpine Road
  4. St Anton am Arlberg
  5. Innsbruck Altstadt
  6. Hofburg Imperial Palace
  7. Hohensalzburg Castle
  8. Seefeld in Tyrol
  9. Melk Abbey
  10. Zell am See

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