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Art and languages in Tanzania

Art and languages in Tanzania

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Painting, Cartoon, Sculpture this and so much more in this beautiful country.
Ever heard about Tingatinga? Well if not, this is a very popular Tanzanian painting, painted with enamel paints on canvas. Most of them are with animals and flowers all in a colorful design. This style comes from the artist Mr. Edward Saidi Tingatinga who was born in southern Tanzania. When it comes to the cartoons they have history. In the present date, there are many cartoonists, and they are famous in the country. Political cartoons were created on a more recent date.

One of the most popular sculptors was George Lilanga who was also a painter. He died in 2005.

The language in Tanzania

Swahili or Kiswahili – a coastal Bantu language with Arabic influence. The first president Julius Nyerere encouraged every human to communicate in Swahili. This language has facilitated trade, political debate, nationalism and information dissemination. These people have very strong feelings and pride so they are happy that they kept the country at peace for over two decades. Well, this is something that deserves praise!
We should not forget to mention that English is also spoken by most Tanzanians of post-secondary education. If you want to visit this country, it is always a good idea to learn some little Swahili.  So some helpful Swahili phrases:

What’s your name- Jina lako ni nani?
My name is – Jina langu ni..
I’m from .. – Natoka..
Good Morning – Habari ya asubuhi
Good Afternoon – Habari ya  mchana
Good evening  – Habari ya jioni
Have a nice day –Nakutakia siku njema!

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