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Armenia Tourism Statistics

Armenia Tourism Statistics

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Along with being the first country to declare Christianity, as it’s national religion, hence boasting a rich ancient history with equally stunning views, with the peak of Mount Ararat dominating the country’s skyline Armenia is certainly a small but charming nation raking in millions of tourists each year. The countless beautiful monasteries in a truly spectacular natural beauty feel like heaven on earth.

Inbound Tourism

Tourism sector in Armenia has seen substantial growth over the past few years. In 2017 a total of 1,350,791 tourists visit were recorded showing an increase of 7.2% compared to that of 2016 with 24.3% increase itself in the first six months in 2017.

Contributing 14% of total GDP in 2016(AMD 736bn) with an increase of 4.6% to 14.3%(AMD 769.5) in 2017 tourism plays a crucial role in Armenia. It employed 143,500 people in 2016 i.e. 12.5% of total employment which rose to 12.8% in 2017 employing 148,000 people. By 2027 Armenia expects to attract more than 2,319,000 tourists generating AMD 669.1bn with an average increase of 3.1% per annum.


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(Statistics provided by tourism board of Armenia)


With rich and diverse cultural heritage, which provides dynamic possibilities for the developing tourism markets, Armenia is an exclusive tourist destination. The top three countries, which had the highest number of visits in 2016, were; Iran 30% of total visitors followed by Russia with 22% and USA taking up 7%. Mostly they came for leisure purposes raking in leisure spending of 82.1%(AMD 468.6bn) of direct contribution to travel and tourism GDP, which is expected to rise by 3.6% p.a. to AMD 666.2% in the year 2027.

Domestic Tourism

Number of domestic traveller grew by 12.4% in 2016 with 871,888 in the previous year 2015. Domestic travel expenditure generated 17.9% of direct travel and tourism GDP compared to 82.1% of foreign visitor spending. It is expected to grow at the rate of 4.2% per annum to AMD 153.6bn in the year 2027.

Outbound Tourism

In 2015, 1,187,369 people travelled from Armenia to mostly their neighboring countries, France, Germany, Russia, Iran and the US and with just an increase of further 0.38% i.e. 1,191,910 Armenia has convinced it’s people to spend their holiday in their own country hence increasing domestic tourism by 12.4%.

Top 15 must visit places among the thousands Armenia has to offer are:

  1. Yerevan
  2. Shikahogh State Reserve
  3. Lake Sevan
  4. Dilijan national park
  5. Mount Aragats
  6. Lake Arpi
  7. Noravank
  8. Gyumri
  9. Vanadzor
  10. Amberd Fortress
  11. Tsaghkadzor
  12. Upper Azat Valley
  13. Karahunj Observatory
  14. Khor Virap
  15. Dvin

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