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ARGENTINA: Delicious food and very warm people.

ARGENTINA: Delicious food and very warm people.

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Argentina is an immense country, not only because of the surface of its land, but because of the warmth and originality of its people.
The “Mate”, the alfajores, the dulce de leche and the asado are unique to this country that delights with its flavors, its sounds, its landscapes and its people.

From north to south it stands out for its typical foods and its landscapes of immeasurable beauty.
The Atlantic coast from the center of the country to the southernmost point offers a wide variety of outdoor activities ranging from beaches in the sea that invite you to spend there summer days to sightings of whales and orcas or colonies of sea lions and penguins.
The North of the country is known for its carnivals. Ancestral cultures celebrating parties in honor of the Pachamama, the sun and the moon. Also known for its unique landscapes and its gastronomy, linked to the history and customs of each town.
The south of the country is notable for winter activities, ski and snowboard centers and recently for the emergence of a trend linked to craft beer, as this region produces its own hops.
The center of the country and its mountain ranges highlight places like Merlo, in the Province of San Luis, a small village with a unique microclimate in the world. Mendoza, San Juan and La Rioja, are cradle of the best wines, due to its climatic conditions and the perfect height for the development of the vineyards.

Buenos Aires, where Tango and Milonga are the order of the day, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Rosario, almost 300 km north of Buenos Aires, has grown in the last 10 years transforming itself into a cosmopolitan city, with cultural diversity and a unique landscape on the banks of the Paraná River, with access to the islands of the pre delta.

When you think of Argentina, there is such a wide range of possibilities that adapt to all tastes and all ages with a single point in common: enjoy, enjoy and enjoy.


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