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Touring your dream places is always a great deal. Touring Amboseli National Park is just one among the greatest deals! It is not just a park to visit like any other. One of Kenya’s greatest protected areas. Amboseli is a home to different variety of flora and fauna species.WELCOME TO AMBOSELI WELCOME TO THE LAND OF THE WILD  BEASTS.

Amboseli lies immediately north-west of Mount Kilimanjaro, on the bordering country,Tanzania. The Game Park spreads 392 square km, and forms some portion of the much bigger 3,000 square km Amboseli environment. The Park is well known as the best place in Africa to get close to free-ranging elephants among other wildlife species. Other attractions of the recreation center incorporate chances to meet Maasai and visit a Maasai village. Larger groupings of natural life happen here in the dry season, making Amboseli being marked as a popular tourist destination. More so it is a premier honeymoon destination due to the hospitable environment. The National Park contains five major natural life environments (acacia forest,swamps, rocky thorn bush country, marshland and open plains) and covers some portion of a Pleistocene lake bowl, now dry.

Amboseli offers some of the best chances to see African natural life. This is because, the vegetation is sparse due to the long, dry months. Amboseli National Park is home to numerous species. The species include; African bush elephants, Cape buffaloes, Masai giraffes, impala, East African lions, cheetahs, spotted hyenas,  Grant’s  zebras, and blue wildebeest among other African animals. Likewise, a large group of Kenyan birds, both smaller and big,  are seen here.

For Amboseli’s situation it is enormous skies and far horizons joined with swampy springs and dry and dusty earth trampled by several wild animals.

Amboseli has an unending underground water supply. This is sifted through a huge number of feet of volcanic shake from Kilimanjaro’s ice top. The water pipes into two clear water springs in the core of the National Park.

However, the climatic pendulum can swing from dry season to flood, and in the mid 1990’s unending rains changed Amboseli into a bog. A couple of years after the downpours failed and the grass-covered the fields then turned to dust.

In conclusion, Amboseli is famous for its big game and its great scenic beauty – and the captivating landscape dominated by the towering Mount Kilimanjaro. Welcome to the wilderness of Africa; The face of The Wild Africa.

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