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Algiers « Ikosium » : the Mediterranean mermaid, and the Seagull’s Island

Algiers « Ikosium » : the Mediterranean mermaid, and the Seagull’s Island

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Algiers or Icosium, its ancient Phoenician name, is one rare work of art that time painted along 10.000 years. Civilizations and cultures succeeded one after the other in Algiers, due to its special and strategic position in the North of Africa, and its view of the warm Mediterranean shores.

Algeria is country as big as a continent with the different territories and various civilizations. From the sea in the North to the great Sahara in the south, and from the Roman civilization ruins in the East to the proof of the Spanish presence in the past in the West.

Let’s discover together the most beautiful and stranger 7 tourist sites in Algeria

Hamma Garden:

Located in the heart of Algiers in the North of the country, it is one of the three largest gardens in the world. It is a mirror reflecting the beauty of Nature and the magic of creation, and the favoured destination for the nature lovers. With over 2.500 types of plants and trees of hundreds of years in addition to the French and British garden, Hamma Garden was created in 1832, and is ranked as the fist in Africa, where the first “Tarzan” movie was filmed in 1938..

Jijel: the Sapphire Shore

It is a peninsula on the northern east shore with a view on the Mediterranean, with a virgin forest, various kinds and types of plants, and one of the rarest monkeys’ species.

Along its ledge, the green forests are combined with the blue waves. The famous Italian violinist Antonio Vivaldi called it the Sapphire Shore, with its beautiful beaches, such the Red Beach, the Big Lighthouse, Aftis Beach, in addition to the breathtaking caves and wonderful cavers with their forms and natural architecture.

Moving East to discover the Roman era through…..

Archeological city of Djemila:

If you are looking for a wonderful time travel to the Roman era, the city of Djemila is the one you have to visit, it was built at the end of the first century, under the shape of roman Coliseum, in the current city of Setif East of Algiers, and was classified in the Unesco’s World Heritage list in 1982.

It was built following a unique roman design and contains lots of ruins: markets, ancient shops, the forum fort, arenas, the Capitol’s Temple, the Roman Theater, in addition to the city’s museum and the house of Yakhous ..

From East to West and more specifically to Oran….

Santa Cruz Fortress

On top of Murjajo Moutain, you can see the high Fortress of Santa Cruz, telling the history of Oran, an ancient city on the western shores of Algeria. The fortress was built by the Spanish between 1577 and 1604 on the Gulf of Oran at 400 meters above sea level.

The Spanish used the fortress to protect the city of enemies, and remained an invulnerable fortress until it was freed by the Ottomans.

Along your travel to visit the fortress, you can see the Santa Cruz Temple with the high Virgin Mary Statue facing the magical blue waters crashing against the green rocks of the mountains with their pine trees.

Going South, Going deeper in !!!!


The Great Sahara:

Total silence.. As if the nature does not want to disturb that magical moment. When you see the Sahara, you are submerged with a strange feeling, where your vision about things and sense of life changes even for a moment. No modern cities, no traffic noise, the Sahara is the harbor of tranquility, peace of mind, and meditation.

While in the Sahara, you should not miss the opportunity to visit one of the most astonishing archeological sites:

Askreem Peak:

Sculpted by the nature through the time, Askreem became the favored destination of tourist from outside and inside Algeria. How on earth can you miss the most beautiful sunset and sunrise in the world? A rare landscape mixing yellow, orange and rusty red while running along the high mountains peaks.

With 3.000 meters high, it takes about 3 hours to reach the peak onboard of SUVs and using the guidance of the Touareg, who are the native inhabitants of the region, characterized with their generosity and kindness, and are very professional tourist guides and very skilled regarding survival in extreme conditions. During the trip you can enjoy the view of the golden sand dunes.

Askreem registers its highest levels of local and foreign tourists flow during the New Years Eve.

The Rocky city of Sifar “the City of Caves”

This is not for you, if you are faint-hearted and fear the ghost, and you should not visit this city, with a surface as large as Jordan, located in Illizi in South of Algeria. This city still keeps its secrets and wonders and is considered as the largest open air museum from the Neolithic Era.

Sifar is classified in the Word Heritage Sites’ list since 1982, and contains archeological treasures; over 15.000 paintings and frescoes from the Stone Age decorate its walls and tell its ancient story.

Leaving Sifar for the Far South, you will be astonished by the beauty of the Red Tadrarat, a unique painting of Nature in the deepest desert.


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Mia says:

So, few years ago I found this magic place on the internet (saw the pictures) and I fell in love. Few months ago I went there on vacation. I swear this trip changed my life. Everything was just so magical and peaceful. Felt like dreaming the whole time.

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