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Admire nature and meet the Big Five on a fun safari

Admire nature and meet the Big Five on a fun safari

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Seeing a large wild animal up close, and also in its own habitat should definitely be a great experience, and drives us to want to go on safari and tour the great nature reserves of those who own the great national parks of Africa.

No matter how much you have traveled or how many landscapes you have seen nothing compares with the immensity of Africa, a magical place, full of wild energy, light, deep nature, perhaps the only place in the world where the Wildlife is still wild.

Among the six best destinations for an African lion safari:

– Kruger National Park, in South Africa, is the perfect place to be enchanted with one of the wild animals that most attracts the attention of all, the so-called king of the jungle, the lion, and not only for its beauty but for its impetuosity and ferocity , and who along with the buffalo, the leopard, the elephant, and the rhino is part of the group of the big five or “Big Five” of the African safari of the lion, so called because they are the most difficult prey to hunt and of greater danger.

– Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, one of the most famous to go African lion safari, and trying to survive the almost liquidated population of black rhinos, along with lions, leopards hyenas and hundreds of thousands of wildebeest.

– Masai Mara National Reserve, in Kenya, is geographically mixed with the Serengeti Park, with the difference that the Masai tribe inhabits the latter and is crossed by the Mara River. The 2.5 million animals that make a round trip in the Serengeti and the Masai Mara offer one of the biggest shows in the world of wild animals.

– In Mozambique is the Bazaruto Archipelago, one of the best marine parks in Africa, here you can swim with the wonderful whale sharks.

– Reserve Perinet, in Madagascar, where you can admire the giant chameleon and eleven different species of lemurs.

– Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia, common species such as Gelada monkeys, Walya wild goats, Simien foxes, Ethiopian wolves, as well as vast fields and mighty cliffs are the protagonists in this park.

Surely there are many photographs that you want to take in an African lion safari, but the most important thing is to enjoy the wonders that nature offers, relax and abandon yourself in the face of such majesty. Hire the services that can be offered by expert tour guides in African lion safari, so that it is a safer and more pleasant excursion.

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