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12 situations that you should avoid so that you live what is a safari to the fullest

12 situations that you should avoid so that you live what is a safari to the fullest

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If you’ve ever wondered what is safari, since you have no idea of ​​the activities and different stages of a journey through the jungle, between wild animals and unsuspected dangers, then it is necessary to review this brief guide, with 12 scenarios that do not you must repeat.

  1. Stay calm: do not believe what is a safari in Africa threats are everywhere. There are very safe places like any other city.
  2. Go cautiously: you will know what is safari when you know that you should not go into rivers or go near water wells because you can be attacked by a crocodile.
  3. Do not want to be a fortune teller: stop trying to find out what the weather will be tomorrow, the guides do not know it either and they will not be able to answer you.
  4. Be patient: remember that the animals are in their natural habitat and you must wait for the action to take place. Sometimes you have to wait for hours, in silence, to see a herd. Here you will know what is safari.
  5. Be cautious: to take photographs, it is not necessary to get too close to the animals and much daring to bother them. You can capture images from acceptable distances, without taking risks.
  6. Do not go out at night: it is advisable to be safe at nightfall. During these hours the hunting of the predators begins and a lot of activity is seen in what is safari.
  7. Warm up: at nightfall, temperatures drop to 10 degrees, to protect yourself from the cold with good coats.
  8. Do not keep food: this can be a bait to attract dangerous animals to stores since they have an excellent smell.
  9. Without a clock: get used to the activities that take place without schedules, because the routines here are different since they depend on the mood of the main characters, the wild animals.
  10. Dress comfortably: the clothes you wear during the day should be fresh and not tight, wear shoes that cover the foot and allow you to walk and move without problems. Cover your head with a hat or a turban, the sun is very intense and can give you sunstroke.
  11. Do not go near the animals: do not insist on seeing the young ones up close or wanting to touch them, because the protective instinct of the mothers will make you run and have a big scare.
  12. Take little clothes in the backpack: it is not necessary to keep several changes of clothes, because you will wear the same clothes full of dust for hours and, perhaps, days.

We hope that these practical tips will help make the experience more pleasant and that you will live your safari fully. Maybe you decide to repeat it several times.


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Just scary and extravagant at the same time.

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